Profile (last updated 23/Nov./09)

  • I am a Brazilian-Italian video artist/film writer/journalist based in London between 1996 and 2009. I currently reside in Brazil. I hold an MA in film and television studies from the University of Westminster, London. My video work focuses on performance, media critique, automatic writing and I'm influenced by early video art, alternative television, Dada, Pop, Surrealism and avant-garde cinema in general.
  • I am also a curator and my most recent work was a series of Brazilian video art called VIDEO LINKS BRAZIL presented at the Starr Auditorium at the Tate Modern in London between 23 and 25 March 2007. Funded by the Arts Council of England. The programme was also presented at Museu Victor Meirelles in Florianópolis, Brazil, between 29 and 31 October 2007. In 2008 I co-curated the Hollywood-based video festival Freewaves.


  • MA Film and Television Studies, University of Westminster, London (2000).
  • BA Journalism, University of Espirito Santo, Brazil (1994).


  • Best Fiction Video at the Vitoria CineVideo festival, Brazil for Everybody's Biography (1998).

  • I received grants from the City of Vitoria to make ‘1-2-3 Teresinha Remix’(1995) and ‘Everybody’s Biography’(1998)
  • I was sponsored by The Studio (owned by Universal Pictures) to make a series of three short 100” videos: Fate, Flower Power and Double Vision (2001)



  • The art of video art (2'18")
  • Video Graffiti (56")

  • Brasil Redux (10'32")
  • Cat Silence, Dog Sound (1'30")
  • Job Interview (Portuguese title: Entrevista de Trabalho, 8'17")
  • Love in the Time of the Dog Collar (3')
  • Fate, Double Vision and Flower Power (Three 100" pieces commissioned by The Studio, part of the Universal Pictures group).


  • The Stroll (B&W, 7' )
One of the highlights of the Mix New York November 2000


  • Everybody's Biography*(12')
*Best Fiction Video at the Vitória Cine Video
(Super VHS)


  • 1-2-3 Teresa Remix (6')
(Super VHS)


  • Sex, Food and Death (6')
(Super VHS)


  • One-Man Show (36")


  • Dotted Line (5')

Some of the venues where my work has been shown or will be shown:

Virada Cultural, Vitória, ES (Sept 13-14, 2014 @ MAES)
Madrid Abierto (Feb 10)

/si:n/ 2009 (May 2009)
Les Instants Video 2008 (November 2008)
Videoformes 2008 (January 2008)
21 Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany (January, 2008)
Video Festival São Carlos, Brazil (November 2007)
Vagalume, Porto Alegre, Brazil (August 2007)

Slowtime2007 - Quicktime as an artistic medium - Cologne, Germany (August 2007)
One Minute - Aarau, Switzerland (August 2007)
Media Art Friesland (September 2006)
Centro Cultural Telemar (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) (2005)
Vitoria Cine Video(Vitoria, Brazil) (several editions)
Mix Brasil(Sao Paulo, Brazil) (several editions)
Mix New York(New York, US) (1996 & 2000)
Portobello Film Festival(London, UK) (1997)
Chicago Underground Film Festival (US) (1996)
European Media Arts Festival, Germany (2006)
Rio Cine Fest, Brazil (1996)

TVE Network, Brazil
TV Faesa(Vitoria, Brazil)

Other work:
  • In 2008 I co-curated the Hollywood-based video festival Freewaves. I organised and curated a season of Brazilian video art shown at the Tate Modern, London, between 23 and 25 March 2007. I also curated a programme of short films for the Latin American Film Festival in London in late November 2006.
Writing/film criticism
  • I was the editor of the independent, London-based film salon, one of the longest-running film sites on the web, between December 2005 and December 2008. My work has been published by Time Out London, Observer News Service, New York Arts magazine, Blue (Australia),,, among others. I was the arts editor of AXM magazine (London) between 1997 and 2001. I contributed a short story to the Gay Times New Century, New Writing anthology of new UK queer fiction (2000) and I pusblished my first Portuguese language novel, A Ida, in Rio de Janeiro (on 7Letras) in October 2007.